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nombre 葬花
Categorí Aventuras
Talla 1.0GB
Instalaciones 2177
Desarrollador WHWL
puntaje 6,0
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葬花 Introducir :

Writer Ji Ming went into the deep mountains to search for a missing friend, and strayed into the legendary Peach Blossom Spring.
The villagers of Taohuayuan lived in isolation for two thousand years and maintained their ancient living habits. Ji Ming gradually integrated into the village and established a good relationship with the villagers.
However, the secrets of Peach Blossom Garden also began to emerge – the villagers are simple and friendly during the day, violent and indulgent at night, the pure and lovely goddess during the day, and the coquettish and charming at night, the villagers have no descendants, nor will they grow old… .
All the mysteries seem to be related to the \»skill of immortality\» sought by Qin Shihuang…
One day, Ji Ming will see the truth here and make a choice.
– stay for her
Or leave?
\»Funeral Flower\» official exchange group: 1065118919
Simple and conservative day, debauched night.
An eternal cage, a hundred years of freedom.
The perfect falsehood, the rotten and broken truth.
What to choose?
Life and death, love, friendship, freedom, responsibility.
Encounter the Peach Blossom Spring and experience a love spanning two thousand years.
【How to play】
Super high degree of freedom, 200,000 words of text, 20 different endings.
Feel free to choose and experience the plot you like, and experience the exploration of Peach Blossom Land from different angles.
The goddess in the village, the amnesiac sister, the beautiful widow, the old village chief, and the macho hunter are all characters that can be attacked, and have their own love (or friendship) endings.
Some options are locked in one week, and hidden options will be enabled when replaying multiple weeks.
Japanese-style impasto painting style, national style elements, the pursuit of the ultimate in finesse.
Rigorous and elegant design of clothing and village environment based on the characteristics of Qin and Han clothing.
Art will be created around multiple opposing themes such as \»Day and Night\», \»Peach Blossom and the Other Shore\», \»Life and Death\»
Full voice dubbing
The well-known UP host, voice actor, Sing Jian \»Hanser\» is responsible for the heroine dubbing, with more than 400 voices.
Mori Zhongren\’s job as a dubbing director can guarantee a professional and excellent AVG dubbing.
【Assist in R&D】
Nekoday Studio, which produced the well-known domestic AVG masterpiece \»Bubble Winter Scenery\», assisted in the research and development.
Nekoday Studio is responsible for UI design, PV design, American publicity design, sound design, and soundtrack design.
Production Team: Zero Creation Games·Qingxing Deng Studio – \»Burying Flower\» Production Team
Producer/Script/Show: Ji Ling
Scene original painting: Diwa Bean
Character original painting: slowly
Program/Assist in Performance/Special Effects: Rainy Night
Dubbing Director: Morinakato
CV: Hanser, Sen Zhongren, Jing, Wei Yifan, Witch Gu Youyou, Pixiu Anal, Tang Rui, etc.
UI design/PV design/US propaganda design: box cat (Nekoday)
Sound/Soundtrack: Captain Carter (Nekoday)
Outsourced Project Management: Nekoday

葬花 Captura de pantalla :

葬花  Captura de pantalla

葬花  Captura de pantalla

葬花  Captura de pantalla

葬花  Captura de pantalla

葬花  Captura de pantalla

葬花 (1.0GB)

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