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May 2015 Edition

Smith Fort, Gore, VA.

I want to give a big thank you to Jim Moyer and his posting on French and Indian forts in Frederick County. I happened upon the google map and just out of curiosity clicked on Smith Fort in Gore. I love it when this happens; very near the sight of the fort at the end of what is now Rt. 750 there is an old house and a barn across the street.

During my high school years I boarded several horses at that barn and spent countless hours riding through the fields, swimming in Back Creek ,exploring North Mountain, and combing through ruins on the property. Often times, especially after a good storm, I would find old items washed up in the bottom land and the barn yard itself. I collected several old bottles, pieces of pottery, unidentifiable metal objects, one old silver spoon (that I-egad! made into a bracelet) I thought it was just old junk.

After checking out Jim’s post and identifying the site of Smith Fort I now realize I was roaming in the very area that served as a supply depot during the French and Indian war. Most of the things I found there have long been lost but I still have a few. Mostly I have the memory of how wonderful it was to discover…and now rediscover, history! Again, thank you Jim.