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March 2016 Edition

Consider the six block area with Cork Street on the south, Boscawen Street on the north, Loudoun Street the east and Washington Street to the west. This area, at the founding of Winchester, was known as Fort Hill, then later Old Hill. Washington Headquarters stands at the corner of Braddock and Cork and during the French and Indian War troupes were mustered in this area. It is rumored that this area is one of the most haunted sections of town.  I’m not sure about that however there is a strange coincidence about it.  Nearly every large fire that has occurred in the city since the early 1800’s took place within this square.  Four houses, a barn, a brewery (3 times), two churches, a movie theater, a department store, furniture store, a restaurant and most recently an apartment/retail building that also damaged Cork Street tavern.  Every fire was within a stone’s throw of Washington Headquarters, on or adjoining Fort Hill.gw-off-2