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July 2014 Edition


419 North Loudoun Street

This house stands at what was once the center Fort Loudoun and was built with borrowed materials from what was left of the abandoned fort.  The foundation was created from the last of the removable limestone in 1835 the house was completed in 1838 by William Peyton.  The well that supplied water for the home was the old Fort’s well, ordered by George Washington to be dug.  It is still located on the south side of the house.

There is an eerie tale concerning the house, it comes from a servant of Mr. Peyton, who was hired to dig the foundation.  Soon after work began he uncovered the skeleton of a man.  His manner of dress indicated he was a British officer; his leather belt decayed but the buckle and his spurs were well preserved. The tale exists only in the oral history within the Peyton family as not official record of the discovery or treatment of the body can be found.  The legend goes on to say that the family decided to continue with the building, leaving the poor fellow where he was found.  The French and Indian War Foundation recently purchased this house.  Excavations on the grounds are being conducted with the hope of finding artifacts from the fort.

A final note:  To answer the question posed in last month’s newsletter, Rouss Fire Hall was built on the site of the old brewery.