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February 2016 Edition

Just some fun facts about Winchester-
Winchester’s first public water system was installed in 1808, the second in the country at the time, the first was Boston; it was upgraded in 1829 to iron pipes.
In 1753 Winchester had about 60 houses; Baltimore in the same year had 25.
Winchester was the birth place of 3 Virginia governors.
Six presidents have visited Winchester; two were married here, Madison and McKinley.
The Slagle Brewery in Winchester was established 25 years before Yuengling.
Winchester was the first city south of the Potomac River to install electric lights, ten years before Alexandria.
Rebecca Boone, wife of Daniel Boone was born in Winchester; Boone and Daniel Morgan were first cousins, the later introduced the couple to each other.
The first publication of the hymn “Amazing Grace” in North America was in Winchester in 1831.
Rick Santorum, Republican Candidate hopeful was born in Winchester.
In 1975 Winchester was home to the largest record production plant in the world.