168 N. Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Open Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-11 pm
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Open Sunday 11 am-5 pm

Gaye’s Corner


Welcome to Gaye’s Corner.  My name is Gaye; you can find me behind the bar at Brewbaker’s during lunch.  It is one of my favorite places to be, especially the corner of the bar.  If you know Brewbaker’s you will understand those particular stools are a great place to meet people.  My husband and I met on the corner; I know at least a dozen others who met their spouses there. The corner invites conversation. Many times for me, the topic is stories from the past.

Brewbaker’s is in many ways an example of how visitors perceive our Old Town area.  One step onto the mall and the atmosphere invokes interest.  Likewise, when a new customer walks through our door you can see the curiosity well.  It is almost certain they will ask a staff member about the building.  For convenience sake we have printed a brief history on the back of the menu.  Many want to know more; about our restaurant and the town.  That’s where I come in.

So this is what Gaye’s Corner is about; the many interesting conversations at the corner of the bar about our town and its rich historical value. Some facts can be found easily in tourism articles or brief histories but to get at the heart of the past one has to dig deeper and I have been digging for years.  I serve more than lunch or drinks to those who want to know how special Winchester is.  If you have talked with me at the bar, picked up a bit of local history and want to know more, or if you were curious and didn’t have time to chat, you can visit Gaye’s Corner here or in person.  See you soon!

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